if you're wondering,
it's pronounced mur • ray


Hi, I'm Mireille! I am currently a Marketing Designer at Zulily. I enjoy creating unique e-commerce campaigns, marketing emails, and other branded content that look great across all devices and platforms. 

I love finding inspiration in travel, food, and nature! I graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Design, with a concentration in Design Production from Western Washington University.

In 2015 I returned home to Seattle after living in Spain, where I spent three years teaching English. During my time abroad, I took advantage of the proximity to great travel destinations such as Italy (give me all the pizza and pasta), Paris (New Year's 2014), Portugal (shout out to Lagos' clear blue water), Morocco (I even had the opportunity to spend the night in the Sahara!), Brussels (chocolate, waffles, what more can I say?), Amsterdam (stroopwafel anyone?), and all over Spain (but still so much more to explore!). Though I loved working creatively with children during my time in Spain, I thought it was time to start my career in what I'm most passionate about, Print & Design.

CV available upon request.

?: mur • ray mel • key
e: mireillebeshara@gmail.com